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The most sustainable product is the one you have

DYNAFIT stands for speed, lightness, and efficiency in the mountains. Athletes are perfectly equipped from head to toe with our gear so they can give their all in summer as well as winter and to tap into their best. At the same time, it is essential to us that you can always putt 100 percent of your trust on your DYNAFIT equipment. Plus, it is key that our products are distinguished by long-lasting durability and sturdiness.


We are convinced of all that we do, and we are proud of our high quality and the long lifespan of our products. Indeed, we underscore this trust with a promise to you: For our bindings and ski touring boots as well as our ski goggles and sunglasses, we offer our LIFETIME GUARANTEE. In addition, we also extend our guarantee for all other DYNAFIT products from their regular two years up to three years when you register your products online. Additional information is available in our FAQs.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE on ski touring boots

As of Oct. 1, 2021, we will also be offering our LIFETIME GUARANTEE on our DYNAFIT ski touring boots*. Whether Race, Speed, Tour, or Free, all DYNAFIT ski touring boots are hand made in Italy’s Montebelluna regional to the highest quality standards. Together with DYNAFIT bindings, they create the perfect combination for uncompromising ski touring.


As with our bindings, the LIFETIME GUARANTEE on our ski touring boots is not based on your lifespan, but rather on the life cycle of the product. The life cycle of a ski touring boot and its materials, components and construction is five years. In order to get your LIFETIME GUARANTEE, you must register your new ski touring boots on our website within a year of purchase. The conditions for LIFETIME GUARANTEE are listed in the FAQs.


*The Pierre Gignoux ski touring boots are excluded from our Lifetime Guarantee.


In 1986 we revolutionized the ski touring market with the first Pin Bindings and have always engaged in ongoing development since then. All Dynafit bindings are still today made by hand in Germany and represent the highest quality and safety.

All bindings purchased as of Nov. 1, 2019, offer our LIFETIME GUARANTEE. The LIFETIME GUARANTEE of course doesn’t refer to your own lifetime, but the life cycle of your bindings, i.e. their materials, components and construction. In the case of DYNAFIT Bindings that means 10 years.

Getting the LIFETIME GUARANTEE is quickly done: Register your new bindings on our website within a year of purchase and that gets you our LIFETIME GUARANTEE. The conditions for LIFETIME GUARANTEE are listed in the FAQs.

An extended guarantee for all DYNAFIT products

In addition to our LIFETIME GUARANTEE on bindings, ski touring boots and eyewear, we offer an extended warranty on all other DYNAFIT products to underscore our trust in the quality and long-lasting durability of our products.

As of the date of purchase, you automatically get a two-year guarantee on all DYNAFIT products – from headbands to the insulating jackets, from ski touring pants to running shoes. When you register these products on our website, the guarantee is extended by an additional year, meaning it goes from two years to three years. That is one year more than the legally required warranty. The conditions for the extended warranty are listed in the FAQs.

Product registration: How it works

Ready to get our LIFETIME GUARANTEE or extend your warranty on all other products from two years to three years? Then just register your products right after purchase. Here’s how it works:


Step 1: Create an account on our website and become a member of our DYNAFIT Club.


Step 2: Register your DYNAFIT products on the registration card for “product registration” in your account. You can register every product.

Step 3: Congratulations! You now have a three-year guarantee on your product, a 10-year LIFETIME GUARANTEE on your DYNAFIT bindings (valid for purchases after Nov. 1, 2019), a five-year LIFETIME GUARANTEE on your ski touring boots (valid for purchases after Oct. 1, 2021), and a five-year guarantee on ski goglgles and sunglasses (valid for purchases after Feb. 1, 2022).

LIFETIME GUARANTEE on our Eyewear (ski goggles and sunglasses)

In the mountains, eyes need special protection from damaging UV rays, snow, dirt and wind. With our new Eyewear Collection, we are rounding out our portfolio and underscoring our leadership position in outfitting mountain endurance athletes from head to toe, 365 days a year, with a system of maximum efficiency.


Our premium ski goggles and sunglasses are made of high-end materials and are completely made in Italy. Intelligent technology and well-engineered features guarantee strong performance and certified protection with minimal weight.

We are proud of the quality and long-lasting durability. Therefore, we are also offering our LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all eyewear, which has been available for purchase since February 2022.  This guarantee is on the life cycle of the product, i.e. its materials and components. For ski goggles and sunglasses, that means five years.


What do you need to do to get this? Register your eyewear on our website within a year of purchase and that gets you our LIFETIME GUARANTEE. More information about the LIFETIME GUARANTEE on our eyewear can be found in our FAQs.