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#SPEEDUP like a snow leopard 

Clip into the pedals and take it a gear higher: With the exclusive DYNAFIT road bike special collection, you are as fast and efficient in the saddle as a snow leopard! Road cycling is perfect summer training for mountain endurance athletes, and the perfect balance to trail running and mountaineering. Challenging passes and gnarly mountain stages strengthen your conditioning and performance. They give you more endurance, and make you faster and more efficient. As your reward, the downhill beckons with its speed as the ultimate high.

Road cycling outfit as a set – powered by Q36.5

Special collection with a limited-edition snow leopard design

The outfit – consisting of a shirt and padded bib shorts – comes in two stylish looks each for men and women and only available as a set.

The best of all: With a purchase, you’re not only doing yourself goo. Ten percent of all proceeds will be donated to WWF and the Snow Leopard Trust to protect snow leopards.


Q36.5 is an award-winning research laboratory from Bolzano, Italy. Its performance-enhancing RaceWear offers advanced thermoregulation to keep a rider's core body temperature at its optimal 36.5ºC – at all times, no matter how difficult the conditions. Proven in professional pelotons, Q36.5 is hand-crafted by expert craftsmen in Italy, ensuring that each piece of equipment is of utmost quality, engineered with hand precision and decades of experience. All of its fabrics are sourced within a 350-square-meter radius of its Bolzano headquarters, redefining hyper-local and sustainable production. 

Its in-house R&D team has developed industry-leading cycling innovations such as the proprietary Lumbar Support System, Gradual Compression and Super Moulded Chamois. The UNIQUE™ Bibs, the world’s first 3D ergogenic bib shorts of their kind, are made from a single woven garment, and they won the Red Dot Design Award for their unique design and cut.

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