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Join the SQUAD!

Fight. Endure. Achieve more, together. We are performance. We are your team!

Is a high threshold for pain your middle name in the saddle and the anaerobic threshold your best training buddy? Even if your thighs are on fire do you grit your teeth and fight through to conquer even the steepest climbs? Do you want to always be faster than in the last workout and knock back more and more vert? You aren’t alone! Join the DYNAFIT Squad and get ready for more! Together, we will raise your performance to the next level!

No pain, no gain: Your determination moves mountains, and we can offer the best gear package to do it. Join Team DYNAFIT and wear your jersey with pride!

Trade the baggy pants for streamlined shorts and the flapping shirt for a snug jersey. With our strictly limited special collection with a super casual Bike Squad design, you take on every challenge fast, efficiently and with the utmost in style.

The outfit for women and men – consisting of jersey and padded bib shorts – was developed in partnership with the Italian bike specialists at Q36.5. It was made in Italy and is only available as a set. Performance materials, ergonomic cuts, and intelligent detailing guarantee ideal freedom of movement and the best comfort from the first to the last stomp in the pedal.

Mountain bike outfit as a set – powered by Q36.5

About Q36.5

Q36.5 is an award-winning research laboratory from Bolzano, Italy. Its performance-enhancing RaceWear offers advanced thermoregulation to keep a rider's core body temperature at its optimal 36.5ºC – at all times, no matter how difficult the conditions. Proven in professional pelotons, Q36.5 is hand-crafted by expert craftsmen in Italy, ensuring that each piece of equipment is of utmost quality, engineered with hand precision and decades of experience. All of its fabrics are sourced within a 350-square-meter radius of its Bolzano headquarters, redefining hyper-local and sustainable production. 

Its in-house R&D team has developed industry-leading cycling innovations such as the proprietary Lumbar Support System, Gradual Compression and Super Moulded Chamois. The UNIQUE™ Bibs, the world’s first 3D ergogenic bib shorts of their kind, are made from a single woven garment, and they won the Red Dot Design Award for their unique design and cut.


Fight. Endure. Achieve more, together. We are performance. We are your team!