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DYNAFIT Ultra Camp: Ready for the next level (of trail running)?

Do you know no limits with trail running? Are you always seeking new challenges? Would you like to improve your running skills and discover what (else) is inside you? Then the DYNAFIT Ultra Camps are just the right thing for you. After the premiere of the first DYNAFIT Ultra Camps last summer, we are now offering in 2023 four camps in various countries.


Participants in an Ultra Camp can expect a mix of theory and practice – starting with support and training tips from experienced coaches and DYNAFIT athletes all the way to extensive workouts on trails with like-minded runners. Along the way, you can also demo the newest products in our Trail Running Collection. And you’ll also receive as a gift a complete gear package for ultrarunning.


Apply through May 22, 2023, and lock in your chances this summer to really hit the ground running on the trails. A decision will be made by May 29, 2023, about who made it into the camps. Please note that participants must cover their own transportation expenses to and from each Ultra Camp location.


In the following countries, we are offering varying and diverse programs to give you a perfect trail running experience:

Who are we seeking?

The key points: You have fun trail running, and you are ready to try new things! You do not need to be a pro, but you do  sufficient running experience to take on long distances and many hundreds of meters of climbing, and you feel comfortable on technically challenging terrain. Perhaps you’ve even tried out your first ultra already? You love giving your all in races, and you would like to step up to the next level of trail running? Well, then you have no reason to hesitate!  

Germany / Austria

The 2 ½-day program begins in our DYNAFIT Athlete Center in Rimsting on the Chiemsee lake with professional performance diagnostics and learn about your personal fitness level and how to optimize your training plans. Afterward, it head out to Lech-Zürs in Arlberg where you will cover the first stage of the legendary Transalpine Run the next day. After your run, our Outdoor Physios partners will help you with recovery and to prepare you for the next trail adventure with a workshop. After an exciting talk by our experts about nutrition, Sunday sees you heading out to your second trail run where you can directly apply your newly gained knowledge. Our experienced trainers will be accompanied by DYNAFIT athlete Miria Meinheit and our partners Outdoor Physios, Sports Innovated, Powerbar, and Lech-Zürs tourism They will be available to you during the entire event to help you be your best and do your best.

Dates: June 30 - July 2, 2023

Location: Rimsting, Germany, and Lech-Zürs/Arlberg, Austria

Camp language: German
Course profiles:

- Day 1: 33k / 1,800 meters of climbing (1st stage of the Transalpine Run)

- Day 2: 10k / 800-1,000 meters of climbing


Four days of trail running in the heart of Switzerland: Together with our retail partner Pitsch Sport, participants can expect four days of intense  and educational days on the trails. The first stage begins at Vierwaldstättersee lake and takes you through breathtaking countryside until you arrive on the last day of the cap at Thunersee lake after more than 147k and 5,500 meters of climbing. During the event, our personal trainer and running coach will be available to support you in being as efficient as possible when out on the trails. With the motto “Theory on the run,” our DYNAFIT athlete Fabrice Fauser and our professional team will offer valuable tips and tricks and will ensure that you can fully concentrate during the entire camp on running.

Dates: June 8-11, 2023
Location: Lucerne, Switzerland

Camp language: German
Course profile:

- Day 1: Lucerne – Entlebuch, 37k / 1,000 meters of climbing

- Day 2: Entlebuch - Marbach, 39k / 1,500 meters of climbing

- Day 3: Marbach - Steffisburg, 45k / 2,000 meters of climbing

- Day 4: Steffisburg - Neuhaus at Thunersee, 26k / 1,000 meters of climbing

Czech Republic / Slovakia

Trail running in the smallest high alpine mountains in the world? It’s not for naught that the High Tatras have often been called the “miniature Alps.” They offer an unbelievably diverse terrain in the smallest of areas. Just perfect to take your trail running to the next level and, at the same time, to let you discover unfamiliar trails. With lodging at the highest mountain hotel in Slovakia at 1,670 meters, we will start out directly from there on intense workouts on technically challenging terrain. We will be following the course of the DYNAFIT Race Tatranska Selma. Over the three days, you will be assisted by competent coaches and three experienced DYNAFIT athletes – Lenka Vacval, Tomáš Repka, and Matúš Vnenčák – who will have all kinds of valuable tips for you about trail running.  During the evenings, there will be workshops and talks about topics such as recovery, nutrition and running technique as well as networking with other enthusiastic trail runners.

Dates: June 22-25, 2023
Location: Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia

Camp language: Czech / Slovak

Course profile:

- Day 1: Sliezsky Dom - Zbojnická chata, 12 k / 1,000 meters of climbing

- Day 2: Tri Studnicky - Sliezsky Dom, 24k / 1,400 meters of climbing

- Day 3: Sliezsky Dom - Zdiar, 27k / 1,600 meters of climbing


Has trail running in Poland always been on your list? During our Ultra Camp there, you will get to know the best trails in the Karkonosze National Park over 21/2 days. You will have professional assistance the entire time from our DYNAFIT athletes Dawid Malina and Mateusz Knap, who will share valuable tips and tricks to be all you can be on the trails. Evenings, you learn from our experts how to best train for your trail runs and how you can best recover after runs. Get to know other like-minded runners at the camp, too, network with them, and enjoy being together in a relaxed atmosphere.

Dates: June 30 - July 2, 2023
Location: Karpacz – Karkonosze (Giant) Mountains, Poland

Camp language: Polish / English
Course profile:

- Day 1: 10k / 550 meters of climbing

- Day 2: 30k / 1,300 meters of climbing

- Day 3: 21k / 1,000 meters of climbing

Ready for more distance? The DYNAFIT ULTRA Collection

The new ULTRA Collection has been developed especially for competitions and training and lends an incomparable feel for your runs. The apparel is light, efficient and uncompromising to best support you on challenging trails. By participating in our ULTRA Camps, you will receive as a gift from us one outfit so you are ready for more: More kilometers, more climbing, and more endurance Take a look now in advance at our collection: